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Nearly 20 million people are affected by identity theft every year and almost all identity theft starts on the internet. They find your phone number on a website, they make fake phone calls in your name and get your social security number. Before you know it, they take out a $100,000 loan in your name. Ruining your credit and your reputation. Most services will only have your back after the damage is done, Cyber Lock protects your identity before fraud occurs. Saving you time, money, and the headache of dealing with the aftermath.

How it Works

Most people don’t think of monitoring their online visibility and don’t know the dangers of having your personal information leaked across the internet. Our completely-free deep web scanner is a quick and thorough way of searching the internet for your personal data.

Once you enter your info into our deep web scanner you will get a free and nearly instant identity security score based on how extensively your information has been distributed across the web. Our online identity experts will give you a free over-the-phone consultation and will create a plan to fix your online reputation and stay secure from potential identity fraud.

CyberLock is a US Based One-Stop Shop for Identity Security

We are a US Based company focused on quality. Unlike our competition in the identity protection space, we are a one-stop shop and we do not upcharge you for the same service if your link is still up in 30 days. We provide a wide range of identity protection services ranging from mugshot removal, to full web identity removal. We don’t outsource to India, when you use Cyber Lock, you are getting a guaranteed removal by in-house American Identity Protection Experts.

How can my Online Identity be Dangerous?

Phone numbers, addresses, and other personal information such as your birthday, your pets names, hometown, and more you post on facebook and other websites can be used to answer security questions to bank accounts.

Data Brokers collect hundreds of millions of people’s personal information in the shadows. You usually don’t know that its a problem until its too late. By collecting data from surveys, emails, public information, and scammers, data broker websites have created profiles with your information that could be used to hack into your bank accounts and other sensitive accounts such as savings & 401K.

We help manage your online reputation and help your online image become positive. Get your online identity security score for free today and take the first steps towards identity protection, and takes your last steps towards identity fraud.

Transparency, Confidentiality & 24/7 Support from Experts

We believe that our values in customer transparency and confidentiality is vital to the strong customer relationships that we build with our customers. You can rest easy on the internet knowing that CyberLock has your back. As a member, you can call our 24-hour support line and be connected to one of our Identity Security Experts located in right here in the United States. We take a personalized approach to helping you protect your identity on the internet and work closely with you to come up with a fast and affordable solution.

Around the Clock Online Reputation Protection

We know how important it is to have around the clock online identity protection. Especially after removing your personal identity from the web, you want to make sure that your identity is never compromised again. Our CyberAlert clients don’t have to worry about their online reputation. Because, as a member your online identity is monitored 24/7. Stop identity fraud in its tracks.

Don’t allow your identity to be used by criminals online. Don’t allow them to steal your hard earned money to buy drugs, guns, or worse on the dark web. Stop the phone calls from unknown companies. Get on the phone with our cyber security professionals today and learn how you can protect yourself from identity fraud.